Freelance journalist, Andrea Noel, was harassed in the streets of Mexico City on Tuesday. “My dress was pulled up and my underwear pulled down in the middle of the street at #Condesa. Sexual assault is not a funny prank. It is an abusive violation,” she wrote on her personal Twitter account right after the incident happened.

Security cameras near the area managed to capture the moment in which a random man sneaks behind the Vice reporter and pulls her dress up, no other images of the assault have been provided. “If someone knows this jerk, please identify him. Women should be able to walk safely,” Noel wrote on social media when she posted the video asking her friends and followers to help her case.

Andrea, who has also worked for LatAm and Fusion, is using all her resources to try to catch the guy who did this to her. She also stated that she is planning on going to the authorities but she doesn’t believe they’ll do much about it. “I am waiting for them to give me the video and I will go to the police. But I know there will be total impunity,” she wrote in reply to some of her followers when they told her to press charges.

If the lack of action on behalf of the local authorities wasn’t enough, the young woman has been dealing with hateful comments on social media since the day of the happenings. “I’m sorry for what I did. The next time I’ll rape you;” “Good for them. That’s what you deserve for wearing a short skirt;” “You should’ve been raped. Fucking blonde;” were some of the horrible responses she received from Twitter users after announcing the attack.

According to statistics provided by TSJ (Tribunal Superior de Justicia), 738 attackers received jail sentences for sex crimes in the last four years. That means that only 19% of the suspects were legally punished. Security and Justice specialists agree on the fact that there’s a lack of commitment on behalf of Governmental functionaries, who seem to have fallen into bad habits and are not taking the necessary measures to solve these crimes.