Empty stadium; Mexico vs Panama CONCACAF 2023
An empty stadium reminds the Mexican team of their poor performance and direction during the past years. Paul Kennedy @pkedit/Twitter

Mexico's game against the United States this past Thursday served as a reminder of the lack of direction the Mexican team is facing.

This lack of direction resulted in a 3-0 game full of aggression on the field, aggression on the stands and awful control of the game. The once powerhouse of soccer is becoming more and more of a questionable organization.

With the first goal being made by Jesus Gallardo in the first four minutes of the match, it would be expected the stadiums to be full of cheers, yet throughout the entire game the stadium remained silent.

After Thursday's match against the United States, Diego Cocca expressed his thoughts on the events that transpired stating, "The night of the game against the United States was tough, it hurt a lot, but we got on with analyzing our mistakes, to see what we did well and badly, what we need to learn to not do the same again."

Unfortunately, Cocca's words seemed to have little impact, as thousands of fans who had already purchased tickets for the game opted to stay home instead. This unexpected turnout left the stadium deserted during a significant third-place tournament game.

Fans even took to Twitter to express their shock as the stadium remained empty during the entirety of the game.

While the match resulted in a win for the Mexican team, we cannot disregard the intense dissatisfaction that is plaguing even the most loyal "Tri" fans.

It is clear that the team is in dire need of a change in order to gain their fans back.

Without viewers, there is no money and without money, the already wilting team is bound to take an even bigger hit than it already has.

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