There are two things the internet loves; animals predicting World Cup matches and puppies. In a world where we have yet to see these two beauties of cyberspace intertwine, I give you: Bailey the Psychic Puppy.

Bailey hails from Britain where she has quietly been a pooch prognosticator for a little over a few weeks. Her track record isn’t stellar, but at over 51%, she is correct a majority of the time.

Bailey’s Psychic Puppy videos are produced by a studio called Nexus and directed by George Wu. Nexus and Bailey are raising awareness for a charity known as Dogs Trust which is a non-profit organization that raises money for stray and abandoned dogs.

We’ve had a string of poor prophets over the past few weeks as Yalu the psychic elephant incorrectly predicted Spain to beat Chile, and Big Head the psychic turtle in Brazil, incorrectly picked Mexico to defeat the host country.

The string of inaccurate predictions makes those in the world of Animal Psychics long for the days of Paul the Octopus.  In case you forgot, or weren’t around for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Paul’s uncanny ability to accurately predict World Cup games from his tank at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany was better than the brain trust behind Vegas bookmakers. Paul’s fame reached an international fever pitch when he correctly predicted Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final in 2010. A few months after the final match, as bids to buy Paul began to reach the hundreds of thousands, Paul passed away of natural causes. The world mourned, and Paul, you are still missed.

With half of the FIFA World Cup tournament still yet to be played in 2014, there is still hope for Bailey the Psychic Puppy to inherit Paul’s throne and become the top dog of animal psychics. Next up for Bailey is Netherlands vs. Mexico as the puppy oracle predicts the winner by choosing which doggy bed she prefers to sleep in.  



Bailey the Psychic Puppy sleeping Britain's Bailey the Psychic Puppy sleeps in her "Netherlands" bed after predicting the Dutch would defeat Mexico Twitter @Psychic_Puppy


Watch the video below to see Bailey’s prediction and follow her on twitter at @Psychic_Puppy.