Michael Douglas has only a few months to live, according to a recent tabloid report. The rumor has claimed that the actor’s throat cancer has relapsed, and he is supposedly “fighting for his life.”

The tabloid story quoted a doctor who hasn’t treated Douglas as saying that the actor appears to have lost “at least 28 pounds in just six months.” It is unclear how the doctor was able to make that assessment without any examination. The doctor also went on to claim that the Hollywood star may have “six months or less to live.”

The rumor also had a quote from an anonymous source who said that Douglas’ friends had raised concerns a few months back about how he was not taking good care of himself. The actor previously was treated for throat cancer, but the tabloid story claims that the dreaded disease is back.

The truth is that Douglas is in good health, and he is keeping himself busy with work, which should be a good indication that the rumors about him are fake. Gossip Cop has debunked the rumor by reaching out to the actor’s spokesperson, who has confirmed that there is no truth to the story about the cancer relapse.

Douglas, who has always been candid about his cancer struggles, has been busy meeting with the press to promote “The Kominsky Method.” The actor is also reprising his role as the “Ant-Man” character Dr. Hank Pym for the TV series “What If…?” and it is a voice role. The actor taking on a voice role while battling throat cancer doesn’t seem likely.

Even when he was battling throat cancer through chemotherapy, Douglas was very confident that he would be able to beat it. In a previous interview he confirmed that he thought of him dying never crossed his mind, People reported.

Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas Winner of the Cecil B. DeMille Award Actor Michael Douglas pose backstage at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2004. Getty Images