Antoinette Briley, a Michigan woman, is faced with two counts of first-degree murder after allegedly engaging in the cold case killings of her twin newborn sons, 17 years after their bodies were discovered in a garbage truck.

The investigation marked the re-opening of a case that dates back to June 6, 2003, after Cook County Sheriff's Det. Ginny Georgantas decided to probe further into the case and began working with Parabon NanoLabs, an investigative genetic genealogy company.

The corpses of the babies were reportedly found in a garbage truck’s front bucket by the truck operator in Stickney Township, an unincorporated community southwest of Chicago.

“She admitted to her involvement in the birth-death, disposal of the two infants,” said Public Safety Chief Leo Schmitz during a press meet.

Her ghastly crimes came to the fore after Cook County Sheriff’s Office deployed their detectives to dig deeper into the mysterious deaths of her twin sons and tracked Briley down at a traffic stop in Oak Lawn on Thursday. It was later known that the infants died of Asphyxiation.

The team had used genetic genealogy to probe further into the case, and catch hold of the 41-year-old. Her DNA was obtained from “discarded items” in Michigan.

“I'm happy there's closure for the twins," said Georgantas told reporters. “There was nobody fighting for them,” he added. Briley will be produced before the court for a bond hearing on Saturday. While not much has been divulged about her background, researchers believe she has family connections to Illinois.

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