Did Arjen Robben dive? Was México robbed from advancing to the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup tournament? Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera is not playing victim and owning up to his errors and blaming the loss on El Tri. "We were guilty to come to that instance like I told the team, not keeping our eye on the ball, we were talking about being attentive to the rebounds and stopped balls," he said in an interview with Televisa.  "That goal [the first one from Netherlands] brought morale down, I made the change [substitute with Javier Aquino] so we could have more opportunities. With the nerves of trying to change the game and for the over time, this play that caused controversy with Robben scoring 2-1."

Although his name has been mentioned to maybe head over to England and coach the national team, "El Piojo" has other desires in the short term. "I want to continue directing in my country, it's the best coaching the Mexican National Team," he said. However, he did not discount crossing the Atlantic, but not at this precise moment. "I am sure and I have the desire to jump across the ocean, but after these four years if I continue," he added. "We will trie to make a solid job to get to the next World Cup, strong and mature."

Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera is one of the most animated soccer managers at the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Mexican coach has led El Tri to the Round of 16 successfully and made a promise that he would lead them, at the very least, to the semi-finals, which by now we know didn't happen. Fans enjoyed his hilarious expressions on the sidelines and how passionate he was about cheering his team on. Usually coaches are sitting or very nervous of the final result of the match, but Herrera is the complete opposite. He is as much in the game as the rest of the squad on the field. He is up and making sign gestures, yelling at the referees for bad calls, pulling out his hair, making funny faces and celebrating his team's achievements. Herrera has been the focal point of many hilarious memes and fans adore him.