Miguel 'El Piojo' Herrera, the current coach of Mexico, caused quite a stir on social networks for his intense celebrations whenever 'El Tri'scored a goal, as well as hishis flashy style of play which almost brought Mexico into the quarterfinals in the World Cup. Thanks to the buzz surrounding him, a new website has started asking the Mexican coach to coach for England.  "Miguel Herrera for England" is a website with some hilarious memes encouraging 'El Piojo' to join the English squad. 

The website miguelherreraforengland.com reads "How to fix 48 years of soccer failure in one move: Miguel Herrera for England." However, the site is quite humorous in tone - it only consists of memes of what his life would be like in England, with flags featuring 'El Piojo' making his characteristic faces, walking with the Beatles or even wearing the national jersey of England. The Memes are pretty hilarious - but do you think Herrera could really coach the Brits?

Mexico defeated Croatia in the group stages and got its classification into the round of 16 at the World Cup 2014. El Tri beat Croatia 3-1 in an intense duel where Rafael Marquez, Andres Guardado and Javier Hernandez scored goals - the victory put Mexico in second place Group A, led by Brazil. Few people were more excited about the win than coach Miguel 'El Piojo' Herrera, who was photographed in all his excitment. Mexican social media of course had a field day with #ElPiojo. And now even the English are in on the fun!