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El Tri, one of Latin America's most iconic rock bands, is set to perform at the Music in the Park series on June 22 at the Plaza de César Chávez in San Jose, California. This year's concert features a groundbreaking initiative to promote accessibility and inclusion, marking the first time in Music in the Park's history that trilingual interpreters will be present. The event will offer interpretation in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL), ensuring that the deaf and hard-of-hearing community can fully enjoy the live music experience.

"This is so important to us," said El Tri leader Alex Lora to The Latin Times. "We know what is to be excluded. Anything we can do to make people enjoy music and forget their problems, we will do it. The idea that deaf people can rock with us is very exciting and emotional for us."

ASL for Latinos

This initiative is part of Comcast's commitment to accessibility, as it sponsors ASL interpretation services provided by Pro Bono ASL. "As part of this mission, Xfinity, Comcast's national internet service provider, recently launched ASL translation services in San Jose stores, offering live, on-demand remote ASL interpretation via videoconferencing," highlighted ASL bilingual interpreter Danny Córdova, who was translating Lora's words, and will be one of the three Latino interpreters at the San José Show.

Xfinity the first provider in the country to offer such services, with plans to expand nationwide later this year.

"Music is a universal language, and everyone should be able to experience its magic," Lora said. "By including ASL interpreters, we are breaking down barriers and making sure that everyone, regardless of their hearing ability, can enjoy our performance."

El Tri's 55th album and more

Lora said the band will play some of it's greatest hits, as well as their latest single. "Yo quiero ser tu celular," a rock ballad from the perspective of a man who is jealous of his love interest's phone. "It`s a modern love song," he said.

The single is part of El Tri's 55th album. "We released 53 records the old fashion way, and the last two have been digital," Lora explained, adding that his avatar debuted in the "Yo quiero ser tu celular" music video.

"It was fun to capture my movements with cables attached to my body while I moved to create the whole thing. Fans are loving it as much as I enjoyed making it," he said.

After their show in San Jose, the band will take on new touring dates in Mexico and the U.S. The fall will find Lora on stage. He is set to play the role of Herod in the Mexican version of the musical "Jesus Crist Super Star" in Mexico City starting October 4th.

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