Mike Pence has inked a multimillion-dollar deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, becoming one of the first members of former US President Donald Trump's inner circle to do so. As Pence writes his memoir, he has also suggested he could run for president in 2024.

The former vice president’s two-book deal with the publisher is worth seven figures, somewhere between the range of $3 million to $4 million, sources from the publishing industry told CNN. After the news of the book deal was out, memes started doing the rounds on social media.

This comes at a time when the publishing industry is perplexed with the possibility of would-be authors from the Trump administration. The industry is grappling with questions of how the high-profile politicians from the former president’s administrators should be dealt with.

The hesitance looming over the publishing industry apparently comes from the risk they would have to take as they are unsure if the writers could be counted on, to tell the truth. This risk stems from the fear of facing a backlash by the people at a time when cancel culture is the norm.

Undoubtedly, a book written by Trump would make for an instant best-seller, but the publishers anticipate it would demand a large advance, and the time and resources to put the book together would not justify it.

A source from the publishing industry said he would try to keep an open mind but that doesn’t guarantee he would sign the alums of Trump’s administration. Senior people from the industry who agreed to speak to CNN on condition of anonymity said it was already difficult for veterans of the Trump administration to get a contract.

While there has been no comment from the Indiana governor’s representative, he announced on Wednesday, the launch of a new political advocacy group to embrace Trump’s legacy. The group is called Advancing American Freedom.

As Pence makes moves to pave the path for his campaign for US presidential elections of 2024, the presidential campaign at the nascent stage is supported by former administration officials and allies of Trump—including names like Kellyanne Conway, Callista Gingrich, Newt, and Larry Kudlow.

Why publishers are boycotting books by Trump administrators?

In January, more than 500 publishers had called for a publishing boycott of Trump administration. A segment of America's literary world, assuming moral supremacy, is proposing that one narrative should never be told: Donald Trump's narrative.

A source said, "It's not that the book wouldn't sell, it's that he is impossible to fact check or do business with." Although Trump has a lot of followers and the deal could make a lot of money, another source who spoke to CNN said they are afraid of mass walkouts by employees, consumers, staff, and authors because of the collective consciousness of people. After what happened at the US Capitol on Jan 6, the publishing industry doesn’t think it befitting to publish those who had become a dangerous threat to democracy.

Although publishers are likely to evaluate each book deal on its own merits, sources claim it will be especially difficult for Trump officials who did not resign following the riot at the US Capitol.

Mike Pence to runs for President in 2024 Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons for Creative Commons

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