Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson knows what it takes to be in the boxing ring against seasoned fighters. He has had his share of tough opponents and did not dilly-dally when he was asked on the chances of YouTuber Logan Paul against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Tyson appeared on the 25-year-old’s show “Impaulsive” which included a discussion on shrooms. However, that did not stop Iron Mike from getting brutally honest with Paul as far as the YouTuber’s chances against “The Flamboyant One” in their scheduled exhibition bout next month.

“Floyd is going to beat [Logan’s] f---ing ass,” Tyson said to Paul and a couple of guests. “But it's going to be good, though. He's going to fight back … [Mayweather] might let you hit him a couple of times to make the show look good. There's always a danger when two men go into the ring. Anything can happen.”

Tyson’s comments are hardly different from what others are saying about the chances of Logan Paul. The most comforting jab is that the 25-year-old will put on a good fight.

Victor Ortiz, commissioned by Paul to help in training since he faced Mayweather before, is perhaps the only one with a different opinion. He was impressed with the punching power of Paul and warned that the 43-year-old could be placed in a spot.

But the thing there is that Paul needs to properly align and hit Mayweather at the right time. Having fought boxing greats and a couple of mixed martial artists like Conor McGregor in the past, the undefeated American boxer knows how to approach the fight.

The last time Mayweather was in the ring was against Japanese mixed martial artist Tenshin Nasukawa. That fight ended early with the Japanese getting knocked down several times.

Paul has only one fight to his credit, debuting in 2019. He went up against KSI and lost at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Based on the opinion of the majority, it does not look like the 25-year-old will get his first win next month.

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