Miley Cyrus was only a teenager when her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, gave her the biggest embarrassment of her life. In a recent interview, singer Ryan Cabrera revealed how Miley’s father used him to embarrass her, who was crushing on him like crazy during her “Hannah Montana” days.

Back in 2008, Miley guested on “Hot Stuff” and revealed that she had her sights on a fellow singer who was older than her. “Ryan Cabrera is really cute,” 15-year-old Miley said. “He’s a friend of my dad’s!” she added. After the interview, Billy Ray, who is also a singer, tried his best to get his daughter’s puppy love to camp in their yard. Good thing he was friends with Ryan, who was so on board with his invitation.

Last week, Ryan revealed how his first meeting with Miley went down some 11 years ago and how Miley’s father masterminded it. According to him, Billy Ray wanted his daughter to meet him so bad that he invited him to have a sleepover at their Tennessee home to spend time with Miley. Billy Ray pitched a tent on the front lawn of their home and asked Ryan to stay in it, saying that Miley would also be there.

According to Ryan, he was in Nashville at that time and was playing a show when he got a call from Billy asking him to grant his request. “And Billy was like, ‘Hey! I’m at the ranch!’” he said.

Ryan Cabrera Ryan Cabrera, Boyce Avenue Gig, Oran Mor, Glasgow, 19th November 2010. Andy Rennie/Flickr

“It was like 30 minutes outside Nashville or something. And he was like, ‘Just come! Stay at the house! I set up tents in front of the house and Miley’s gonna be there!’ I’m like, ‘Billy, I got my tour bus right here. I think I’m good about staying on your front lawn,’” he added.

Ryan revealed that he ended up meeting Miley for the first time on the set of “Hannah Montana” while Miley was filming for the movie. He recounted how Billy asked him to come over and see Miley on the set so his daughter could finally meet his celebrity crush. “You have to come meet Miley,” Billy told Ryan. “You’re her celebrity crush. We’ll embarrass her!”

On the day of their meeting, Miley was so cool about the whole thing. In fact, Ryan revealed how their first meeting paved the way for their friendship. “And then I ended up becoming friends with Trace (Miley) and everybody, and they’re all like the sweetest people,” he said.

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus attends the 'A Very Murray Christmas' New York Premiere at Paris Theater on December 2, 2015, in New York City. Jemal Countess/Getty Images