Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Juicy J And 'Wrecking Ball' Singer Expecting First Child Suggest New Rumors [POLL]

Miley Cyrus, 20, poses with her alleged baby-daddy, rapper Juicy J. At 38-years-old, the "Bandz Make Her Dance" rapper is 18 years older than Cyrus.

Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? Or is she just being Miley? Either way Twitter erupted into frenzy on Sunday night after rumors began to swirl that Cyrus was in fact pregnant. And the father of said child is the most outrageous part of the story, rapper Juicy J! The 38-year-old rapper is allegedly expecting a baby with Cyrus who only 20-years-old. VOTE AT THE END OF THE STORY IF YOU THINK MILEY IS PREGNANT OR NOT!

A few days after Cyrus announced her spilt from ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, the pair was spotted at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. Website, has quoted Juicy J as stating, "I assure you she's been doing a lot more than twerking." Cyrus allegedly shared the rappers sentiments by "blurting out" that the pair was "expecting." When the crowd began to laugh she reportedly said, "No, I'm really pregnant," she was then met with a round of applause. also quoted her father Billy Ray Cyrus, claiming that his 20-year-old daughter, "really broke my achy breaky heart." Apparently this isn't all Miley's country crooning date had to say claiming he never thought "rap music, twerking and a black baby" would be in his life. Wait just a minute; as if this story wasn't already ridiculous, Billy Ray's alleged quotes are beyond outrageous. The site, is the only source pushing the story, and considering Miley's erratic behavior, this latest pregnancy news is most likely just another stunt.

Despite the fact that Miley Cyrus is most likely not pregnant with Juicy J's child, this is not the first time the pop star has allegedly been with child. OK! Magazine recently reported that her now former fiancé Liam Hemsowrth was ready to break up, when he was "trapped" in the relationship by a positive pregnancy test. An insider, as quoted by Gossip Cop, said the 20-year-old wanted to go public with the news, but Hemsworth was reportedly reluctant.

The source claimed, "Miley thought she was expecting and wanted to announce it to the world, even before she went to a doctor to verify the results." The source added, Liam begged her not to go public yet. He was emotionally out of the romance for months by that point, though he was still sleeping with her." With his new steamy romance, it comes as little surprise that the "Hunger Games" star was ready to move on from the long-term relationship for a while.




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