The teenage son of a multimillionaire is on trial in juvenile court after killing a woman while needlessly driving a Lamborghini at high speed, as Los Angeles passes harsher street regulation to reduce instances of street racing.

The 17-year-old son of California-based real estate and e-commerce mogul James Khuri has admitted to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence in Inglewood Juvenile Court for killing 32-year-old Monique Muñoz after crashing his father’s Lamborghini into the victim's car during an illegal street race on Feb. 17, 2021, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The identity of the underage suspect has been withheld because he remains a minor.

The parents of the victim have been left bereft and angry by the incident and believe that Khuri’s son is being given special treatment due to his father being an influential business owner of several real estate firms, according to ABC 7.

“I'm looking for this kid to actually get what he deserves,” Richard Cartier, Muñoz’s uncle, said in a demonstration outside the courthouse. “He murdered my niece and he had no remorse for any life of any kind and he showed it.”

This comes as Los Angeles passed a new motion that seeks to prevent illegal street racing incidents by creating infrastructure that makes it harder for people to race, according to KCRW.

“The LAPD cannot be at every intersection interrupting these activities,” Los Angeles City Councilmember Monica Rodriguez said. “A lot of them are organized via social media, and a lot of them are happening underground. And so by the time we are able to deploy resources out there, they’re already long gone.”

The motion includes the creation of speed humps, rumble strips, raised center meridians, curb extensions, and traffic circles that will hopefully prevent unlawful speeding and help keep street racing activities from being organized in the future.

“It’s a hard thing to chase,” Rodriguez said. “And we saw in Burbank, how innocent bystanders, folks that just happened to be driving where the street racing occurred — there were 3 fatalities.”

James Khuri’s son is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

A high-speed crash involving the 17-year-old son of a millionaire driving a Lamborghini and killing a 32-year-old woman has spurred Los Angeles to tighten its response against street racing. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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