Cable car crash
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Things continue to get murkier as the probe into Eitan Biran’s custody battle deepens.

Investigators following up on the story of Biran, a six-year-old who lost his parents in a tragic cable car crash near Stresa, Italy, on May 23, reported a rather shocking finding—he was allegedly 'kidnapped' by his grandad and flown to Israel in a private jet after a fierce custody battle, the Daily Mail reported.

As per the new finding, it has now been claimed that the young boy was flown to Israel over the weekend, without the permission of his aunt Aya Biran-Nirko. Recent reports suggest Biran was left under the guardianship of a paternal aunt Nirko near Pavia in northern Italy after he was discharged from a Turin hospital, following his miraculous discovery from the disastrous crash site.

Biran was the only one out of the 15 passengers who survived the crash after the gondola plunged at Mount Mottarone Stresa, near Italy. Biran was orphaned, as the crash claimed the lives of his mum Tal, 26, dad Amit, 30, two-year-old brother Tom and great-grandparents Itshak and Barbara Cohen.

Things took an untoward turn when Nirko alerted the media on Sunday that the child was abducted by his maternal grandfather Shmulik on the pretext of an agreed day visit. However, Shmulik allegedly flew him in a private jet to Israel without Nirko’s consent. Nirko enthused that the boy was recuperating well from the traumatic episode, and was undergoing physical therapy as well as psychotherapy since his discharge in June. A medical-visit was due this week, but Nirko woke up to a rude shock on Sunday after finding that his bed was empty with toys left behind.

While the distraught aunt desperately hoped for the child’s return for dinner, she grew anxious as time passed with no sight of the boy. When it became evident that Biran wouldn’t return, Nirko approached the cops on Saturday night. The child has two passports—both Israeli and Italian. The case of the missing child has been branded as “international kidnapping”.

Amid media speculations and Nirko’s public outbursts, The Sun noted that Gali Peleg, Biran’s late mum’s sister, refuted the ‘abduction’ allegations in a recent interview with an Israeli radio station. "We will not use that word. What happened is that we brought Eitan home," said Peleg, adding how the plan to get him back home was solely carried out to care for his emotional state and health. She averred that the boy reportedly jumped in joy when he saw his maternal relatives.

Pavia prosecutors' offices was closed on Sunday. Despite the current state of affairs, Nirko maintained that she had complete faith in Italian and Israeli authorities and is hopeful that Biran will return to Italy.

Cable car crash
A view shows "the fork" (L in red), a piece that allegedly prevented the brakes from working, on the cabin's wreckage covered with a tarpaulin on May 26, 2021 on the slopes of the Mottarone peak above Stresa, Piedmont, three days after a cable car crash that killed 14. - Investigators probed the causes of a terrifying cable car crash in the Italian mountains that left 14 people dead, including five Israelis, and a young child fighting for life. Italian police on May 26 arrested three managers from the operator of the cable car who "To avoid further interruptions in the service, they chose to leave in 'the fork', which prevents the emergency brake from working." police said. Photo by Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images

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