A minor girl was killed as their car had collided head-on with an armored truck after her step-father allegedly lost control over their vehicle.

According to Fox News, an Arizona man was charged with manslaughter after he was involved in a car crash that killed an 11-year-old girl.

Tu'Ulafoaina Poloa, 29, drove head-on into an armored truck in Phoenix on March 24. He had driven the car at high speed that resulted in him losing control while on the road. Authorities also concluded that Poloa was intoxicated with alcohol at the time.

Riding on his passenger’s seat were his two stepchildren, Jia Montanez, 11, and her 5-year old sister. Both of them were hospitalized immediately after the accident but on March 28, the older child passed away after she had sustained critical injuries.

FOX 10 Phoenix said that officers who responded to the scene that happened on 86th Drive Thomas Road found out that Poloa lost control of his 2007 Caddilac, crossed into the opposite side of the road, and crashed into another vehicle.

Cops said that Poloa showed signs of being impaired due to alcohol and was arrested on May 6 after being charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault, endangerment, and aggravated driving under the influence.

Meanwhile, the driver and passenger of the armored truck were treated at the scene and Poloa was not seriously injured at the time.

Last month, FOX 10 was able to interview Juan Montanez, the father of the 11-year-old girl and he described the child as “super creative”. Montanez added that Jia loved school and all other sports especially wrestling.

“Any task we put ahead of her she would just be guns blazing," Montanez said in the interview. But the father still cannot believe that his daughter was gone, “A flick of a switch, my whole life turned upside down,” he said.

Last Monday, three vehicles had collided in a road crash near 40th Street and Mcdowell Road. A city bus was involved in the crash and resulted in serious injuries to four people that included a 26-year-old woman, a 22-year-old man, a 19-year-old girl and a three-week-old baby.

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