'Mira Quién Baila' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Best Moments Of The Night [PHOTOS]

Mira Quien Baila
"Mira Quién Baila" Season 5 Photo: Univision

The fifth season of "Mira Quién Baila" began with a show full of energy, surprises and lots of emotions. In the first gala, 10 stars gave the first sample of what the audience can expect from the dance show. Broadcasted from Televisa studios in Mexico, due to the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in the Univision studio in Miami, the group of professional dancers that accompanied the stars every week was in charge of the opening of the show, dancing to the rhythm of the song "Mi Gente" originally performed by Colombian singer J Balvin.

Venezuelan actor and model, Alejandro Nones, well known for his role as "Óscar Lucio" in the telenovela "La Piloto," was the first to step on the magnificent MQB scenario. Accompanied by his pro dancer, Nones danced to the rhythm of the song "Donde Esta El Amor" receiving in general good criticism from the panel of judges, formed by Roselyn Sanchez, Javier "Poty" Castillo and Johnny Lozada. "I thought I was going to find you somewhat stiff," Lozada told Nones after seeing his successful participation.

Mexican actress Marlene Favela, better known as "La Gata Salvaje," danced to the song "It Don’t Mean A Thing." MQB choreographer and Judge Poty Castillo told Favela that he considered her a courageous woman. "This lady is a brave person because this lady has a consolidated career and comes here to be judged," said the Spaniard. "You did very well, feel happy," said Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, model, actress, producer and writer Roselyn Sanchez.

Franco Noriega, "The Naked Chef," moved to the rhythm of "No Sabes Tú," receiving mixed comments after he stripped off his shirt during his choreography. Lozada was not very pleased, ensuring that when Noriega took off the shirt, he started looking to the chef's dancing partner. "Don’t let anyone standing next to you overshadow you," Johnny advised. While Roselyn asked for "a little more ease in the next gala," assuring him that the women were going to vote for him, after seeing him without a shirt. "Don’t worry," Sanchez said.  Poty told Noriega, "I don’t think it was a mistake for you to take off your shirt," and invited the Naked Chef to do a dance in his underwear the next time.

Popular Mexican singer and actor, Pablo Montero danced a Bachata to the rhythm of the song "Heroe Favorito." Without causing much astonishment, Montero, known as "The Ranchera Hunk," received tips to feel the music a little more. "I'm looking forward to seeing the next gala," said Roselyn Sanchez who didn’t look very impressed. "Bachata is difficult," said Poty, adding that "there was only one brilliant moment in the choreography," referring to a shoulder movement that the singer made. "Add a little fluency. More fluency in the choreography," said Lozada.

Social Media influencer, Chikybombom "La Pantera" stole the show dancing Rock N 'Roll with the song " X's  and  O's." "Chiky, I'm your fan. You have a super special energy,” said Sanchez. "I've been fascinated by the Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer moment," Poty said, adding that the Dominican from New York has "an overwhelming personality." "I want you to work as hard as you can; I want us to channel that energy you have.” Castillo said.

Puerto Rican singer, actor, and visual artist, Ektor Rivera, best known for being one of the lead singers in the USA TV & Live Show "Q'Viva The Chosen," produced by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and lead actor in the hit Broadway musical "On Your Feet!" based on the life and music of Emilio & Gloria Estefan, did an impeccable work not only dancing but also singing the song "Tutti Frutti." "It shows the work" Johnny said, "Good luck, it's very clear you're a star," Roselyn Sanchez said.

Victoria "La Mala" also received positive reviews. "I really liked it Victoria," Roselyn said. Poty dared to change her name saying "You are Victoria 'The Good.'"

"Despierta America" co-host Ana Patricia Gámez left everyone gasping for air with the song "Las Ultras." "There's something that I've loved about you," said Poty. "And it's to see you dancing alone." Johnnie Lozada trying to be impartial, as they are both co-workers, told her that she looked beautiful and was proud, while Roselyn said she was impressed. "You did it super-organic and no wobble," cataloging participation as "divine."

Olympic Gimnast Danell Leiva danced to "7 Years," receiving good reviews. "Very well," said Johnny. "The most beautiful were your lines," added Roselyn.

Finally, former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, moved everyone dancing the song "A Quien Le Importa," and for the first time she talked about her divorce with Marc Anthony and assured everyone that she is raising her two children to be men of good and to respect women. "I'm proud of you," Roselyn said after seeing Torres's participation. "Tango with strength, I liked it, congratulations."

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