"Mira Quien Baila" came to and end, but the two-hour grand finale sure lived up to the expectations. The show kicked off with a dazzling group number featuring musical theatre actress and celebrity judge Bianca Marroquín dancing with finalists Johnny Lozada, Marjorie de Sousa and Pedro Moreno in a spectacular routine choreographed to Whitney Houston's timeless hit "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." After the routine was over, presenters Chiquinquirá Delgado and Javier Poza introduced the judges panel, featuring Ninel Conde, Horacio Villalobos and Marroquín.

Soon after, Marjorie de Sousa appeared in a platinum wig and sexy white leotard dancing a provocative routine to Christina Aguilera's "Burlesque" as several other female dancers contrasted her in a black wig and black leotard. Her dance was a homage to Broadway's "Chicago," show that judge Bianca Marroquín starred on The Great White Way. After Marjorie's Broadway-esque dance, Graciela Beltrán, "La Dama del Pueblo" took the stage along with a mariachi band to perform her rendition of Joan Sebastian's "Como Tu Decidas," also famous because Jenni Rivera covered it.

Johnny Lozada performed a tango after Beltrán's interpretation, and proved he's got it as he impressed the audience with his sharp moves, strong manly attitude and true macho demeanor. Soon after Lozada's sensual routine, Lupillo Rivera talked to hostess Chiquinquirá backstage and joked that he doesn't dance at all but he would loved to be on the show ... as a judge. "Only for the view!" he said. He went on and took the stage to perform his hit "Fondo Fondo."

Pedro Moreno demonstrated he is a true Latin lover when he danced a provocative routine to Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin's "Drop It On Me." His sensual dance moves and toned physique sure drove the audience wild as he definitely took the song's advice "Muévete Duro" and shook everything his momma gave him. Roselyn Sánchez took the stage in a very alluring black and nude one-piece that hugged her curves and showed what zero percent fat means. She premiered her new song "Pick Up Your Game," which shows a sassier Roselyn, more empowered and sexier than ever.

Marjorie de Sousa flaunted her curves with a sultry salsa alongside last season's winner, Henry Santos to Gilberto Santa Rosa's "La Agarro Bajando." Marjorie proved that just because she's skinny doesn't mean she doesn't have the Latina moves. And the crowd loved her. After her dance, Nuestra Belleza Latina Marisela Demontecristo and last year's beauty queen Vanessa de Roide, performed a rendition to Disney's "Frozen" along with El Dasa and a group of professional dancers.

Head judge Ninel Conde proved that her abilities go beyond her dancing skills and this time around took the stage to sing with no other than El Dasa, who has proven to be very popular on the show although he had to leave the show because of an injury he sustained in one of the rehearsals. The duo performed the song "Callados," and shared a sweet kiss that drove the crowd wild.

Johnny Lozada took the stage one last time, now with Roselyn Sánchez, to dance an upbeat tango to "Te Aviso, Te Anuncio" by Shakira. The two Puerto Ricans brought the heat to the studio only to prepare the stage to another fellow native, Ednita Nazario, who performed her new number one hit "La Más Fuerte" proving that no matter how long he stays in the business, she just keeps getting better.

Now for his last dance of the season, Pedro Moreno teamed up with Alejandra Espinoza, dancing a modern routine to Havana Brown's "We Run The Night." The dance was so sexy that even Aníbal Marrero, the show's choreographer, who happens to be Espinoza's husband, admitted a little jealousy when he revealed that he didn't like the fact Pedro came out of Alejandra's dress, but it was ok because it's all for the show.

As the competition arrived to an end, the third finalist of the competition was announced, leaving two contestants competing for the first prize. Viewers voted, and decided that Marjorie de Sousa was not the winner and instead took the third prize, but didn't leave empty handed. She took home $5,000 for her charity Autism Speaks. Once Marjorie thanked her fans and everyone behind her dancing dreams, Ilegales took the stage with their mega hit "Chucuchá" while the top two finalists Johnny and Pedro faced each other in a dance-off.

Espinoza Paz closed the singing performances with his single "Te Veias Mejor Conmigo" just in time to announce the winner of this season's "Mira Quien Baila." You could cut the air with a knife in the studio, and everyone was holding their breaths and crossing their fingers until the final announcement was made. And the winner of this season's "Mira Quien Baila," winning $80,000 for their charity of choice is... Johnny Lozada with a 53% of the votes! The money he earned thanks to State Farm and Nescafé is going for Habitat For Humanity Puerto Rico. Latin Times has an exclusive interview with him this week, so stay tuned for more Johnny Lozada and MQB news!