Do you remember Jeremy Meeks, nicknamed “Hot Felon”? Or Sean Kory, the “Hot Mugshot Guy?” And what about Sarah Seawright, the “Prison Bae?” Now there’s a new “sexy” criminal and she's from California.

Mirella Ponce, 20, identified by Fresno Police as a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang (TRG), a street gang recognized for their criminal activities, was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm onboard a vehicle.

According to agents of the Fresno Police Anti-Gang Unit, Ponce was driving in a car that was stopped by White Avenue in the center of the city, near the intersection of the 41 and 180 freeways. On board was Mirella with her baby and two gang members. According to the authorities, the woman was carrying a 9mm Taurus gun with a purple handle loaded with seven shots.

Mirella's gun Mirella's purple gun. Photo: Fresno Police

After the Fresno Police Department posted her mugshot, the image of the girl with big black eyes and colorful tattoos -one of them with the legend "Love is Pain," quickly went viral, garnering more than 3,500 shares in just two days.

All Mirella’s new thirsty fans can’t stop talking about her good looks. “The only crime she committed was stealing my heart,” one commenter wrote. Others offered to pay her bail, which is set at $100,000. “Ima just go bail her out. Free this hot gangster chick,” another wrote.