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Can the 70s-era stripper Tanqueray of “Humans of New York” get a Netflix deal? Given her inspiring life story, the odds might be in her favor.

While the Facebook photo series “Humans of New York” already has its following for quite some time now and is no stranger to being publicly adulated, the story of one black woman mainly made waves for a week now. The woman is truly unique as her name Tanqueray. Interesting is an understatement to describe her life. She is also not afraid to talk about it. Her story went viral, with new installments continuously being shared with readers.

The first post from Tanqueray, went up on Monday. And by the end of the week, people are now clamoring for her story to be turned into a movie, a television series, a Netflix show (or how about Disney+??) - anything! Her story is captivating.

Mom Threw Her Out While Pregnant

Hers is a sob story, to be honest. However, she shared it so genuinely and unapologetically that no one in their right mind will think she perceives herself as a victim. She did not have it easy, but she’s not sharing her story to make people feel sorry for her.

Instead, readers feel more compelled to read more, knowing there’s a lesson right around the corner for them if they do, no matter how hard it is to learn what happened to her.

“My mom threw me out of the house at seventeen for getting pregnant, then had me arrested when I tried to get my clothes. Then she f**ked the head of parole to try to keep me in jail. She was some prime p***y back then. But the warden did some tests on me and found out I was smart, so I got a scholarship to go anywhere in New York. I chose the Fashion Institute of Technology, which I hated,” she starts.

The LGBT Community is Her Ally

Tanqueray also shared how she literally got saved by the colorful gay community because she was never judged. Even though her job was not the most ideal, she made do and did it colorfully with her gay friends.

“But by that time I was already getting work making costumes for the strippers and porn stars in Times Square. All my friends were gay people, because they never judged me. All I did was gay bars: drag queen contests, Crisco Disco, I loved the whole scene. And I couldn’t get enough of the costumes. My friend Paris used to sit at the bar and sell stolen clothes from Bergdorf and Lord and Taylors, back before they had sensor tags. So I had the best wardrobe: mink coats, 5 inch heels, stockings with seams up the back. I looked like a drag queen, honey. One night a Hasidic rabbi tried to pick me up because he thought I was a tranny. I had to tell him: ‘Baby, this is real fish!”

Thousands of Likes, Shares, and Comments For the First Post

…and for all the next installments, too.

On her second post, she wrote that she was the only black girl making the salary fo a white girl by stripping. Still, even with her highly-judged occupation, she was quick to clarify that she NEVER slept with anyone. She also put a co-worker through hell because she sneaked off with a big tipper. She confessed to putting some itching powder on the poor girl’s undergarments!

This is surely the stuff made for TV!

The Story and Her (Mis)Adventures Are Truly Worth to Be Shared

Whether it makes it to the big screen or not, on Netlfix or not, Tanqueray’s story certainly deserved to be shared. It’s the epitome of the saying, “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade!”

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