A four-year-old mischievous boy left his mother helpless after he put a bicycle lock around her neck and forgot the unlock code. The incident happened on Oct. 7, in Huai’an, China’s Jiangsu Province.

According to the sources, the boy was playing with the lock when he figured out the mechanism behind it and decided to put it around his mother's neck. 

Initially, the mother thought it was funny but she soon went into panic mode after she realized that her son had somehow managed to change its unlock code and no one knew the correct combination to remove it.

The horrified mother approached a nearby police station but the officers failed to unlock it. Later, firefighters placed a small towel around her neck and used a pair of wire cutters to remove the lock.

"I was cleaning the toilet at that time, my son was playing with the bicycle lock next to me. He suddenly put it around me and locked it. I couldn't unlock it with the code I had set and I had no idea how many times he changed it, so I panicked," the mother told the firefighters, according to AP7am.

A firefighter told the woman, "You should bring your son here, we’ll help educate him." The woman replied that he was sleeping at home and that she had already spanked him for his mischievous behavior.

In a now-viral video, the firefighters can be seen removing the lock from the woman's neck. 

While the boy's naughty behavior left many netizens amused others said that parents need to set boundaries for their children. 

Some others commented that the woman should not have beaten her son.

In another viral video, an angry Indonesian wife can be seen cooking her husband’s expensive pet fish to protest against his laziness.

In the video, posted on Oct. 8, TikToker Mia Kurniawan who goes by the username @miakurniawan01 can be seen scaling and seasoning her husband’s pet Arowana fish, before deep-frying it to teach him a lesson.

"My husband kept promising to clean the aquarium after I told him to. I thought it would be delicious if I fried it," Kurniawan wrote in an accompanying text.

Towards the end of the 20-second video, Kurniawan shows the cooked fish and declares by making a heart gesture by crossing her thumb and index finger "already cooked and ready to eat".

The video has garnered more than six million views with shocked netizens leaving messages of support for the husband's loss.

Responding to comments from netizens, Kurniawan posted videos saying that her husband has forgiven her for killing his pet fish and is looking to buy another Arowana.

bike lock Representational image. Pixabay.