In the moments before Miss Alabama Zoe Sozo Bethel fell to her death from the third floor of her Miami condo, she reportedly acted "erratically."

According to police reports obtained by The Sun, the 27-year-old ran down the hallway, didn't see the balcony and flipped over the side. The incident happened on Feb. 11, and she was on life support before she died on Feb. 18.

Before her death, the beauty queen allegedly took an unknown narcotic "to relax" during dinner that she told her brother was a "small amount of cannabis." She left the restaurant with her brother, complained of "feeling hot" and was not able to cool down. Even after showering, she felt warm and then left the apartment.

According to the reports, witnesses told responding police officers that she had been pacing and acting "erratically." She allegedly ran to the elevator and looked back when her brother called her back inside, but instead of going inside, she "looked back and took off running full speed straight ahead."

In the reports, her brother stated that she was not aware of the "balcony railing in front of her." The bottom part of her body hit the railing and "she fell over." Bethel's death was ruled accidental, and not a suicide. The reports didn't say if the drugs had any role in her "strange" behavior that night.

The beauty queen, who has a five-year-old daughter, was overheard praying in the seconds before her fall, reported Daily Mail. Her family pushed back against suggestions she would have meant to kill herself. They insisted in a statement that the "devout believer in Jesus" would still be alive "if she had a choice."

According to a police report, a female bystander witnessed the fall and called cops. The person stated there was a "female having a breakdown from possibly taking too much narcotics." The caller also said that the woman had "jumped off the balcony."

Meanwhile, the beauty queen's secret past recently popped up. She was the daughter of two preachers, Orlando and Glynis. They had their children participate in inflammatory homophobic rhetoric and wear T-shirts reading “God Hates Gays” or “God Hates Whores." Her sister Kezia told New York Post that Bethel tried to remake herself "so no one would know she was the kid from Baldwin County (Alabama) who yelled ‘God hates you’ to people." Kezia said that her sister was able to keep it a "secret on a national level."

Zoe Sozo Bethel
Bethel, a mother of one, was a conservative commentator involved with organizations such as Project Veritas, Liberty University, and Turning Point USA. Zoe Sozo Bethel/Instagram