Miss Honduras Universe, Sirey Morán has lost the crown and her chance to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. Carimaxx, the organization that owns the right to the beauty pageant in Honduras, announced this week that they were stripping Morán of the crown for breaking her contract. The model immediately took it upon herself to expose Carlos Rivera, the director of Carimaxx and got so far as to accuse him of allegedly hitting her, posting an audio recording where she’s heard saying “this man hit me.”

The argument between Rivera and Morán took place on June 30, but it wasn’t until now that everything blew up. According to the now former Miss Honduras, Rivera called her and asked her to meet him in his New York apartment to discuss some things about her contract. She took a flight from Honduras just days after she had an unknown surgery and met with Rivera to talk more precisely about an invitation she had received to appear at an event that would benefit her local community.

Morán said, according to a letter she sent to El Heraldo (read the full statement here), that she was met with a lot of negativity from Rivera and after she complained, things started to get heated up and from a conversation the situation escalated to a discussion and later to verbal and physical aggression, according to the model. Morán allegedly ran out and called the police, and later filed a report, which has no mention of physical violence, which she attributes to the fact that she didn’t look beaten or bruised and she wasn’t bleeding.

Meanwhile, Rivera spoke to La Prensa, and said that he wanted to meet with Morán to explain to her certain things about her contract and to point out a few incidents in which she had broken her contract, not with the intention to take her crown, but to “help her out.” According to Carimaxx’s director, the model allegedly didn’t take things so lightly and began saying that if they stripped her title, she would make a huge scene.

Rivera said that Morán would go to a lot of events without consulting with him and she would go to unauthorized photo shoots for magazine spreads. “She did whatever she felt like doing,” Rivera complained. “Sirey thinks she’s the boss, when she’s not.” The pageant organizer said that she has other candidates lined up that are a possibility for replacing Morán, and as soon as they have her replacement, Carimaxx will hold a press conference to introduce her.