Miss USA 2015 Winner Olivia Jordan
Olivia Jordan, Miss Oklahoma, took home the Miss USA 2015 crown. MissUniverseOrganization

Olivia Jordan, Miss Kentucky is the winner of the Miss USA 2015 beauty pageant. Nia Sanchez was present to hand over her crown to the new beauty queen that proved she not only had looks, but had the intelligence to win over the judges. The final placements: First runner-up Ylianna Guerra (Texas), second runner-up Anea Garcia (Rhode Island), third runner-up Brittany McGowan (Nevada) and fourth runner up Mame Adjei (Maryland). Previously it was announced that Gretchen Reece (Indiana) won Miss Photogenic. As Miss Congeniality, it was a tie between Kimberly Agron (Alaska) and Renee Bull (Delaware). What do you think of the winner of Miss USA 2015?

After an alleged half a million votes it was Katie George (Kentucky) that was saved and had a second chance to compete for the crown. The Top 5 finalists are: Olivia Jordan (Oklahoma), Ylianna Guerra (Texas), Anea Garcia (Rhode Island), Mame Adjei (Maryland) and Brittany McGowan (Nevada). That's 3 Latinas in the Top 5, and we lost Candice Bennatt (Louisiana) on the way. The other contestants that didn't make the cute were: Emma Wo (Hawaii), Madison Guthrie (Alabama), Rashontae Warzyniak (Michigan), Reneé Bull (Deleware) and the viewers choice Katie George (Kentucky).

The Top 10 finalists were: Brittany McGowan (Nevada), Emma Wo (Hawaii), Anea Garcia (Rhode Island), Mame Adjei (Maryland), Madison Guthrie (Alabama), Candice Bennatt (Louisiana), Rashontae Warzyniak (Michigan), Olivia Jordan (Oklahoma), Reneé Bull (Deleware) and Ylianna Guerra (Texas). Four Latinas pushed through, with the Latina from New York not making the cut. The 5 that were dropped were: Maureen Montagne (Arizona), Laura Puleo (Virginia), Katie George (Kentucky), Thatiana Diaz (New York) and Renee Wronecki (Illinois).

The Top 15 were chosen at a preliminary competition and they were revealed to be: Ylianna Guerra (Texas), Mame Adjei (Maryland), Maureen Montagne (Arizona), Rashontae Warzyniak (Michigan), Laura Puleo (Virginia), Anea Garcia (Rhode Island), Katie George (Kentucky), Emma Wo (Hawaii), Thatiana Diaz (New York), Renee Wronecki (Illinois), Brittany McGowan (Nevada), Olivia Jordan (Oklahoma), Reneé Bull (Deleware), Candice Bennatt (Louisiana) and Madison Guthrie (Alabama). Out of the 8 Latinas vyying for the crown, 5 made it, with California, Kansas and West Virginia not making the cut.

Nia Sanchez is getting ready to hand over her crown to a new beauty queen. The girls have been working hard at different pageants practicing both physically and mentally training for the gruesome competition. Judges at this years event are: Nana Meriweather, Leila Umenyiora, Rima Fakih, Crystel Stewart, Daniella Doty, Tara Conner, Kimberly Pressler, Brook Lee and Michelle McLean-Bailey. Following the Donald Trump controversy, it was uncertain if the Miss USA 2015 beauty pageant would go on. Luckily for the girls that have been preparing for the event all year, organizers decided to continue. Originally the show was to air in the U.S. on NBC with a simulcast in Spanish on Univision's UniMás.

Following Trump's unfortunate comments about Mexicans and Latinos in general a huge backlash occured with talent for the show dropping like flies. Reelz cable channel came in to the rescue and picked up the show to broadcast on Sunday, July 12. This week it was announced that Todd Newton and Miss Wisconsin 2009 Alex Wehrley will co-host the event with Julie Alexandria taking duties with all the happenings backstage. Baton Rougue, Louisiana is going to heat up with Nia Sanchez handing over her crown to her successor. During this year's pageant, 8 Latinas will be competing for the crown.

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