Miss World 2015 Winner
There's a new Miss World 2015 and her name is Mireia Lalaguna Royo. Reuters

On the eve of Miss Universe 2015, there was another pageant crowning a beautiful woman. The Miss World 2015 had its finale on Saturday night and the event took place in China. Mireia Lalaguna Royo from Spain was the victor of the competition which marked the first time the European country has held the title. The 23-year-old model from Barcelona and has a degree in pharmacology. Her dream is to continue educating herself in nutrition and in the future setting up a business in nutrition and dietetics to find alternative health solutions to orthodox medicine.

Sofia Nikitchuk from Russia placed second, while Maria Harfanti from Indonesia came in third. Only two Latinas placed within the Top 21, which were Catharina Choi from Brazil and Camila Marañón from Ecuador. Both did not make the Top 11 cut. There was controversy at this year's pageant as the representative of Canada was not allowed to enter the host country. Anastasia Lin, who was born in China, has been critical of the Chinese religious policy and practices the Falun Gong meditation, which was outlawed by the country in 1999.

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