A 40-year-old Missouri man, who has an "extensive violent criminal history," was arrested Sunday.

Police said that he used a knife to slash the neck of a Walgreens employee. Authorities said that Alfred Pierce is being held without bond, and was charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action, reported 5 On Your Side.

On Sunday afternoon, the Des Peres Police Department got a call from a staff member of Walgreens. She said that a man had "scratched" her. She gave a description of the attacker and then cops started looking for him, according to Fox News. It was noticed by responding officers that the victim had not been "scratched," but injured with a knife on the left side of her neck.

When officers reviewed surveillance footage, they saw the attacker walk past the employee two times. Police said that on the second time, the suspect made a cutting motion towards the victim’s neck with a knife. The weapon was visible in his hand.

The suspect was located by officers, who took him into custody. Police found a four-inch blade in the suspect's possession. Pierce was booked at the Des Peres Public Safety Building. He was later moved to the St. Louis County Intake. On Monday, Pierce was charged by the St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The alleged incident is believed to be a random act, said police. The suspect and the victim had no prior relationship, according to cops.

In a similar but separate incident, in June, a 27-year-old man was charged after an employee at the Fields Foods grocery store on Lafayette Avenue was physically assaulted, reported 5 On Your Side. The suspect, Sidney Dawkins, was charged with first-degree assault, stealing and armed criminal action.

Fields Foods' owner Chris Goodson said that they were putting the produce out, getting the boxes out and having the "first cup of coffee to get your eyes open." Then at 7.05 a.m, the incident happened, he shared. The man, who had been banned from the store, came into the store acting "very irrational," said Goodson.

He added that the suspect deliberately attacked the employee. He shared that the man started with a fist to the face and there a weapon was pulled. Goodson added that the store's manager defended himself and at "that time another weapon, a knife was pulled and he was cut and lacerated on the face and hand."

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