Andy Ibáñez, Detroit Tigers
Ibáñez snapped a 30-game streak without a home run on May 7 vs the Guardians; it was also his first-ever 4-hit game in MLB Via

SEATTLE - Perhaps May 7 might be remembered as a turning point in Andy Ibáñez's Major League Baseball career: the Cuban signed his best outing in the Majors with a perfect game, going 4-for-4 and helping the team get a win with two home runs and four runs.

Ibáñez had the best night of his MLB career in the Detroit Tigers' 11-7 win over the Cleveland Guardians, contributing to a total of 11 bases and having his first-ever four-hit game in the Majors.

The Cuban's special night started with a leadoff home run against lefty Logan Allen. As the Guardians pitcher threw a fastball, the Cuban crushed it and sent it well beyond the fences on left field for his first homer of the night.

"I hit the home run, but the thing was, I was looking good at the pitches," Ibáñez said. "I felt very good watching the pitches come towards me. First at-bat, I got a home run, and it was way easier after that."

Ibáñez' first HR of the night

An inning later, Ibáñez fired another throw deep into right field for a three-run home run. It was only the second time in Ibáñez' MLB career with two home runs in a single game, equaling his tally from last August against the Chicago Cubs.

Ibáñez' second HR of the night

With a lot of confidence after sending his first two at-bats over the fences, the Cuban finished off strong with a double, a single and a walk. His two-homer game snapped a streak of 30 games for Ibáñez without a home run that dated back to Sept. 12.

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