Mobile World Congress
IN PHOTO: People look at their mobiles in front of the 2016 Mobile World Congress edition banner in Barcelona March 5, 2015. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Each year Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona, Spain and it is perhaps the most significant annual event for all things Android. With Mobile World Congress approaching, we're looking forward to one of the biggest shows in recent years, with new flagship devices from Samsung, LG and many others.

MWC is scheduled to run from Feb 22 through the 25 but most of the action kicks off Feb. 21, the day before the show floor opens. That's when attendees will get all the big announcements from Samsung, LG and more.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge - Samsung is expected to announce its next lineup of flagship Galaxy devices with the S7 and S7 edge. The devices are generally similar to the S6 with ramped up processors. The microSD slot will purportedly make a return and the smaller Galaxy S7 will reportedly jump to a 3,000 mAh cell, while the larger edge-screened version should get an enormous 3,600 mAh unit. There's also a rumor that the new Galaxy S7 will have a smaller pixel count on the cameras.

2. LG G5 - Thanks to an early LG press release, we know a bit about the coming G5 device. The smartphone will feature some kind of always-on display readout and have a flip case you can buy that will transfer touches through the phone's screen. As far as specs go, the G5 is said to have a Snapdragon 820 processor. The device is said to have a 5.3-inch display and is rumored to include a V10-style secondary display for notification readouts, recent app shortcuts, music controls and personal messages. Furthermore, the device is rumored to feature two dual-lens cameras on the front and back of the smartphone.

3. Sony Xperia C6 - Although Sony will likely not announce the Xperia Z6, as the Z5 basically just hit the market the company will more than likely update their mid-range lineup. The Xperia C6 has been leaking online since after CES with blurry photos but from those we see a bezel-less chassis framed device. Other than that not much is known about the rumored smartphone.

4. Blackberry - The company released its first Android device, the PRIV, several months ago and has recently revealed it is leaving the BB10 operating system behind in 2016. It is likely Blackberry will release a few more Android devices this year and we may even see some of those at MWC.

5. HTC M10 & Vive VR - HTC is not in the best place as its 2015 flagship device the M9 sold poorly so it might be in the company's best interest to announce a new device. The HTC One M10 has been rumored but will more than likely not be shown at MWC. The device will probably be announced at a standalone event weeks after Mobile World Congress.

Instead of the M10, HTC might talk more about the Vive VR headset it is building in conjunction with Valve. The device will soon go on sale and the company still needs to reveal its price.

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