A 5-year-old girl was bullied by older children while they were on a school bus and the way home. What made this case even more shocking is that the mother, Audrey Billings, said that she was forced to pay $600 just to see the video of how her daughter was attacked on the bus in November 2019. 

She said that after viewing the clip, she was crushed and devastated. The surveillance footage also showed that the girl asked for help from the bus driver but no help came in for her and the older kids just continued to hurt her. 

“I lost my mind, CBS News quoted Billings as saying. “I couldn't believe what I saw. I couldn't believe that there was an adult there that could have stopped it." 

Billings obtained the 13-minute video from the school district after her daughter, Alexis, told her that she was being hurt by the other students on the school bus. It was learned that the 5-year-old is a student at Montessori Dallas Charter school and she rides the bus for 45 minutes with children from other schools.

The mother immediately called the school office to speak with the principal and was given a detailed summary of what occurred. However, when she requested to see the surveillance clips of the bus rides on different days, she was told that she has to shell out $600 for each of the videos and reasoned they needed to blur out the children’s faces and that is what the fee is for. 

Billings did not want to pay at all but she had no choice if she wants to see what happened to her daughter. She was able to finally watch the footage last weekend and was horrified at what she saw.

On the Nov. 11 bus ride, Alexis was shown sitting near the window when her seatmate started hitting her. Another child joined in from behind as her seatmate moved closer to her started to slap her. 

She was poked with a pencil, pushed, grabbed around the head twice in a chokehold position and pulled. Three older students bullied Alexis and the torment went on for almost 12 minutes as it ended when her grandmother picked her up at the bus stop.

The girl tried to fight back and called out to the bus driver several times before starting to cry but there was no response and the bullies just continued to hit her. WFAA reported that Billings will be filing appropriate charges and wants the driver fired from his post for his failure to act on her child’s call for help.