An Oklahoma mother was arrested on Sunday, Feb. 6, after she brutally stabbed and killed a 7-year-old child, with police finding her holding her 2-year-old son while drenched in the victim's blood.

Carino Romero, 27, was arrested after police were called to the scene by her neighbors where they found her cradling her two-year-old son while covered in blood, claiming that someone had just killed a child before taking her son and running towards her house, ABC affiliate KOCO News reported.

“She had blood on her person. She had quite a bit of blood on her. The 2-year-old she was holding was not hurt. She indicated that there was a deceased child inside the residence, and someone had killed that child,” Master Seargent Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

She locked the door of her house and refused to let the officers in, forcing them to break down the entryway in desperation. Inside, they found the stabbed remains of who they later identified as 7-year-old Jamie Garcia III.

Romero was arrested for first-degree murder, death of a child by injuring, as well as torturing and maiming, with her son being taken away from her by police officers as they continued to investigate the killing, according to Law&Crime.

Officers are still investigating the matter, but they have not found a link yet between Romero and Garcia, nor have they established why Romero would kill Garcia or why Garcia was with Romero in the first place.

“We don't know why she did it. We don't know what the motive was. Quite frankly, in cases like this that shock the conscious so badly, we oftentimes never know why they did it,” Knight said.

Residents and neighbors of Romero were left shocked and saddened by the event, with many of them not comprehending the gravity of the act that she has done to the child in their neighborhood.

“It’s sad,” Tyler Risenhoover, a neighbor of Romero, said. “For the last 20 years, the block hasn’t been like this down here, you don’t see much of this so it’s kind of nerve-wracking.”

It is not known if a bail has been set for Romero as of press time.

Carino Romero from Oklahoma City was arrested on Sunday after she reportedly stabbed 7-year-old Jamie Garcia III multiple times, killing him and splattering his blood all over her and her child's body. This is a representational image. Michał Parzuchowski/Unsplash.

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