A mother-of-two has shared how her doll-loving transgender daughter attempted to chop off her penis and change her gender when she was only three years old.

Jess Bratton said that Logan, now eight years old, always had an interest in girls' make-up and clothes, and wished for long hair, Daily Mail reported. Her mom initially assumed that it was just a phase that sometimes children go through, but when she saw Logan trying to cut off her penis with scissors, she decided to look into the possibility that her little one was trans.

Bratton recalled that five years ago there was a time when she was in the kitchen, with her back to Logan’s bedroom door, with the child chattering away to dolls, but then suddenly everything went silent. Then the mom shouted her child's name, but got no response, so she entered her room and found her sitting on the bed with her trousers down, holding "scissors to her bits, " according to Mirror. Bratton gasped loudly, which made the child jump, and then she took the scissors off her. The two ended up crying.

Later, the mother explained that cutting herself would really hurt and that it was better to consult a doctor. She said, "That day made me realize the severity of the situation. It wasn’t just a phase; my little boy really did want to be a girl."

Bratton visited a doctor in Staffordshire, UK and narrated the scissors episode. The doctor suggested that Logan’s desire to be a girl could just be a phase, and told her to keep a close eye on the child.

Not long before the scissors episode, Bratton had given birth to her youngest child Lylah. As Lylah grew older, the two kids became "more like sisters rather than brother and sister," and Logan’s wish to be a girl got stronger. Logan was only six when she started talking about having a sex change. "She told me she didn’t want her bits and kept saying she wanted a ‘Mary’ like me and her sister," she said.

Bratton said that Logan has a strong support network, and her family and friends have reacted in a positive way. On March 8, she allowed Logan to wear a girls’ uniform to school. Bratton said that while she couldn’t stop smiling, she was very nervous and worried about her getting bullied. She even spoke to some of the parents from the school and Logan’s teacher who were positive about it.

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