The last time Volcano Momotombo in Nicaragua erupted was in 1905. YouTube/Wikimedia Commons

Nicaragua makes headlines and becomes trending topic on the Internet as one of the largest volcano in the Central American country awakes after 110 years.

The Momotombo Volcano, located 30 miles from the capital Managua and standing on the shores of Lake Managua, began its eruption process Tuesday morning on December 1st, alarming many residents in cities nearby of La Paz Centro and Leon. The colossus of nearly 1,300 meters erupted Wednesday morning, unleashing intense smoke, ashes and lava.

According to Government Spokeswoman Rosario Murillo, authorities are aware of the eruption and its seismic activity. "Fortunately, the direction of the lava, which has come slowly, and the ashes are directed toward sparsely populated areas," Murillo said, reports La Prensa 35.

Momotombo is a stratovolcano, which has allegedly erupted 19 times since 1524. In fact, an eruption in 1610 forced residents of Leon to relocate about 20 miles west. The ruins of the old city are preserved in Leon Viejo ---a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. The last eruption prior to Wednesday morning's phenomenom was in 1905. Check out the impressive footage posted by Nicaraguan locals.

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