The family of a newborn in Colorado is livid and intends on taking legal recourse after an emergency C-section left the infant with a massive gash across her face.

“To have your granddaughter born to come out to see the plastic surgeon, to get 13 stitches, is devastating, it’s heartbreaking,” said Walter Williams, the grandfather of Kyanni, as reported by New York Post. “I’ve never heard of anybody having to deal with their baby’s face looking like this after a C-section,” he added.

Thinking along similar lines, Tashaira Williams, the baby’s grandma, who was equally exasperated, averred that it was only fair if they went the legal route. “They have to be held accountable for what they did,” she said.

While Kyanni’s parents had originally opted for a natural birth, a sudden development led to an abrupt change of plans—doctors suddenly became unable to find a heartbeat after Reazjhana, the mother, went into labor last week at Denver Health.

“They gave me a pill to speed up my labor and a few minutes after that I was being rushed into an emergency C-section,” said the baby’s mother, Reazjhana, as reported by KRON4. The piece also highlighted that FOX31 Problem Solvers reached out to OB-GYN offices across the state to an incisive understanding of how often accidental cuts occur during C-sections.

“They said our baby made a sudden movement, they couldn’t hear her heartbeat or find it and they took her into an immediate C-section,” enthused Damarqus Williams, the father of the child, adding, “They said her face was close to the placenta wall,” Williams told the outlet, as cited in NY Post, revealing how that meant the child had to undergo plastic surgery to treat the 13 stitches soon right after she was popped out.

The delivery of a child is always a joyous moment that calls for celebration, but the unforeseen accident dampened the family’s spirits. Not much has been disclosed about the mother and newborn’s overall health. The family set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds in order to afford an attorney and they actively seek legal options.

Newborn baby
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