Montserrat Oliver, Kate Del Castillo, Yolanda Andrade and the rest of “Las Lagartonas,” name they decided to use to refer to their close group of friends, recently celebrated 20 years of friendship. When Del Castillo manages to make a quick trip to Mexico City, a friend reunion in one of their homes is mandatory, as we can tell from their Instagram accounts.

None of Kate’s friends agreed to talk about her relationship with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán after Rolling Stone magazine published Sean Penn’s article, in which he names Kate as his facilitator for the meeting with the Sinaloa Cartel leader. But in a recent interview published by The New Yorker, Oliver speaks her mind about her good friend, and her decision to move forward with this project.

“She has always been impulsive and straightforward,” the Mexican TV host and clothing designer told the publication. “This time, I think it went further than what she thought might happen. The government must be very mad at her. If I were the President and these actors come and make a fool out of me, I’d be pissed, too.”

Earlier this week, reports disclosed that the Mexican government wanted to “trade” the telenovela star for the infamous drug lord. “The Mexican government was embarrassed that they had told the U.S. authorities that they didn’t know where ‘El Chapo’ was, then two actors from Hollywood were able to find him,” a source told Page Six. “After the Rolling Stone piece came out, they wanted to swap ‘El Chapo’ for Kate. They want to embarrass her.”

The Mexican government has constantly failed to publicly specify what exactly Del Castillo is being investigated for, or if they have any viable charges against her. Her father, Eric Del Castillo, told the media earlier this week that his daughter is willing to cooperate with the authorities, but she hasn’t been called to share her testimony.

Last December, when “Las Lagartonas” got together for their yearly posada, Oliver shared some beautiful words about her friend on social media: “Thanks for being an amazing friend, you are our role model of a strong hardworking talented woman!”