Montserrat Oliver had a rough week after intimate photos of herself and girlfriend Yaya Kosikova were leaked online. The "MoJoe" presenter handled the situation swiftly and started working with authorities to find out who was the culprit behind the horrible act of violating her privacy. For Christmas, Oliver took to Instagram to thank everyone that has shown her support during these difficult times. "Thank you for so much kindness," she wrote. "I send a sincere hug to each and everyone of those that have supported me. All my love to all of you and your family today. Merry Christmas." Montserrat included the caption in an adorable pic of herself and her pet dog with a santa hat. See the image below and tell us what you think!

Montserrat Oliver claims to have been hacked and is working with cyber security in México to find the culprit and take legal action against them. The pictures are extremely graphic with one showing Oliver's face performing oral sex on her partner, assumed to be Yaya Kosikova. Other pictures show both of them fully nude with their breasts completely exposed. Following the leak, Oliver took to Instagram to share her thoughts.

"I am profoundly sad, hurt and vulnerable for the hack of my personal pictures that are going around on social media," she wrote. "I join the women that in the last weeks have denounced abuse of gender. The violation of my privacy to make public something so personal and to even alter the images to raise the morbidity is abuse. I know I am not the first public figure in the world that has their privacy invaded in this way, but I hope I am one of the last ones. It hurts that after 30 years of an untouchable career they only want to see my intimacy. I ask for your help to stop making these images go viral and show how we can band together. Thank you."

Montserrat and Yaya have a solid relationship. In early 2016, Oliver opened up to Vanity Fair México about how she met her partner. “I don’t know if there are other lives out there, but if there are, please, talk to me, because I’m very sad. I’m alone in the world,” Oliver recalls of the night she was first contacted by Kosikova. That night, she was having a personal conversation with her mom, who had recently passed away and whose nickname was “Yaya.” “I feel like there’s no point being here anymore. Mom, tell me something, send me a sign, please.” Next thing she knew, there was a Whatsapp message on her phone that read, “Hi, I’m Yaya.”

Of the moment she realized Yaya was a good match for her she said: “I sat there in silence watching the waves, after a while, I decided to follow her [Yaya]. I got in the car, started the engine, and turned the radio on. One of my favorite songs was playing, ‘Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini,’ which is the soundtrack to my favorite film, “Somewhere in Time,” a movie I used to watch with my mom all the time, and featured a beach and a lighthouse just like the one we had just been at. I became a stone. All of that just seemed planned. It was magical.”