Further suspicions about Vladimir Putin's health have been raised by repeated observations of him touching the back of his right hand, The Daily Star reported.

There are growing concerns about the 70-year-old Russian president having an undetected physical problem due to the video released by the Kremlin.

Putin is repeatedly seen holding his left hand over his right hand, perhaps shielding it, during the meeting with Russian government representatives where he dramatically lost his cool with deputy premier Denis Manturov.

When Putin met with mobilized servicemen in Ryazan in October of last year, there were rumors that he had "track marks" on the back of his hand resembling those left by an intravenous drip, indicating intravenous treatment.

He is also prone to clutching the corners of desks with his right hand, which some have suggested is a move to stop it from trembling.

In other scenes from the new video, he clasps his hands. As he spoke to his subordinates, he was also seen making a tight fist with his left hand.

In Russia, there has been a rumor that Putin, 70, has cancer, early-stage Parkinson's disease, as well as other illnesses like schizoaffective disorder.

One-time macho action man Putin is no longer seen playing ice hockey or posing topless on horseback.

The Orthodox Epiphany is next week, and Russians are eager to see if Putin will perform his previous favorite PR trick of diving into the freezing water.

Putin publicly humiliated a deputy prime minister and once more shook up his high command during the virtual government meeting, displaying his anger and concern about Russia's crumbling economy and failing war effort.

Manturov, 53, came under fire from the enraged ruler for failing to acquire both military and civilian aircraft.

After the multimillionaire politician, a deputy prime minister, and minister of trade and industry traveled to NATO member Turkey during the New Year, he was accused of being an idiot by Putin.

The unfortunate minister was given one month by Putin to resolve the issue that has resulted in a lack of military aircraft for the air force and an inability to provide new aircraft to civilian enterprises who are subject to Western sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Red Square On National Unity Day
Russian President Vladimir Putin carries a bouquet of red roses during the ceremony at Red Square on November 4, 2022, in Moscow, Russia. President Putin laid flowers to the Monument of Minin and Pozharsky at Red Square marking the National Unity Day. Contributor/Getty Images.

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