As two women in Detroit, a mother and her teen daughter, were found dead in what appears to be a Christmas Day murder, the victim's husband has become a person of interest as it appears that he might know what happened to the two individuals.

Fifty-seven-year-old Elaine Fizer and her 13-year-old daughter with special needs Daunya Fields were found to have been killed at their home, shot by an unknown assailant that police have yet to identify, on Dec. 25. They were found dead in their home by Fizer’s daughter, Margaret Shively, and her family, according to WXYZ Detroit.

Police are still continuing the investigation into the case. A person of interest in the killing, however, is Fizer’s 62-year-old husband Dwayne McDonald, who has disappeared and may have some answers as to what happened that tragic Christmas day, The Detroit News reported.

“We're very interested in talking to him,” Detroit Police Chief James White said. “If he's not the suspect, we certainly want to know what happened to him and begin to track the suspects. We expect this person is armed, certainly dangerous. But again, we don't know until we talk to him.”

Fields appears to not be the biological child of either McDonald or Fizer. Fields was reportedly adopted by Fizer in a move of sympathy to care for and to raise the child as her own.

“There’s other people out here who loved her and cherished her and it’s just utterly wrong,” family friend Denise said regarding the relationship of Fields with Fizer and the rest of the neighborhood.

Margaret Shively was shocked at finding the two killed in their own home. Her family, as per tradition, visits her mother yearly in order to celebrate their Christmas traditions. However, this year, Shively found that Fizer had not been returning her calls regarding their plans for that day.

“I told her, ‘Mom we’ll be back in the morning to help with Christmas dinner,’” Shively said. “I called her to show her the Christmas gifts we got the kids, she didn’t answer. I called over and over again until I got here.”

Close family friends of Fields and Fizer have openly called on McDonald to turn himself in to the police, and while it is remains unclear, many believe that McDonald is involved in their deaths.

“Just please turn yourself in, because right now we’re not sleeping. We’re not eating. We’re sick over here. We need justice,” Shively said.

Dwayne McDonald, the husband and adoptive father of Elaine Fizer and Daunya Fields, respectively, is being hunted down by police after Fizer and Fields were found dead in their home on Christmas Day. This is a representational image. lucas Favre/Unsplash.

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