A mother from Missouri who tried to kill herself by jumping off a bridge has received a life imprisonment sentence on Tuesday, Nov. 2, for brutally drowning her own son in a bathtub and attempting to smother her other child to death with a pillow.

Aushena Warren, 34 years old, killed her 8-year-old son Audrick and attempted to suffocate her 6-year-old son to death with a pillow in 2017. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and attempted assault, according to Law&Crime.

“Imagine the horror of these two boys, one of whom was drowned by his mother and the other who survived his mother’s murderous intentions. Life in prison was the only fair and just sentence,” prosecutor Eric Zahnd said in court.

Warren tried to kill her sons and herself due to financial hardships, according to her suicide note. She also claimed in the note that she was unable to fund her kids’ needs and that she might’ve had to “give them up in the future.”

“I’m sorry. I love you guys... You’ll never understand this and nothing makes this acceptable...but I had to save the babies,” she said in her note.

Warren’s search history before the incident contained incriminating phrases, including “how long does it take to suffocate someone,” “how long does it take to drown,” “which kills you faster suffocating or drowning,” and “how I became a murderer,” KMBC News reported.

Attempting to lower her sentence to probation, Warren’s lawyer argued that she was struggling with mental health issues during the event, implying that she wasn’t deserving of a life sentence. Audrick’s father, however, disagreed with this interpretation.

“His mother murdered my son at the tender age of eight,” Audrick’s father said. “He was such a great kid. He was special. There’s no moment, no minute, no hour in the day that I don’t think of him and wish he were here.”

“It is unbelievably tragic that he did not live to grow into that potential. We can only hope that his surviving little brother will continue to heal from the trauma visited on him and live out his own life of great potential,” Zahnd said.

Aushena Warren from Missouri has been sentenced to life imprisonment for drowning her eight-year-old child and attempting to suffocate her six-year-old before trying to kill herself. This is a representational image. Robert Linder/Unsplash.

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