A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after she was caught by police red-handed stabbing her one-year-old daughter.

The woman was identified as Cierra Dyer who was seen stabbing her daughter at a home on Taylor Street at around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 11.

She is charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse, WITN reported.

According to police reports, Dyer was in an argument with family members on the custody of the one-year-old child. When authorities arrived, they found the 21-year-old stabbing the toddler in the back at the house’s kitchen.

When Dyer was confronted by a police officer, she immediately threw the knife on the floor. She was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Initially, a press release from the Greenville Police Department said that an officer watched Dyer pick up a knife and then stab the child. It was later corrected, stating that Dyer was already stabbing the infant when officers arrived.

“Upon their arrival, officers encountered 21-year-old Cierra Dyer arguing with a family member over the custody of her 1-year-old daughter,” officials said. “An officer followed Dyer to the kitchen of the house and observed her ... actively stabbing the child.”

The child was rushed to the Vidant Medical Center by EMTs. The toddler is expected to recover from the stabbing, WCTI12 reported.

The 21-year-old mother is currently held at the Pitt County Jail and is on a $1.5 million bond. It remains unclear if Dyer already had legal representation who could speak on her behalf.

There was also no mention of whether the family member to whom Dyer was arguing was. Police did not mention the names of other people on the premise at the time of the incident.

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