In the modern age, most are free to express themselves in whatever way they want. That includes lesbianism which is unfortunately not free from controversy.

In the case of this lesbian from Nigeria, it turns out her family was not aware of her sexuality. And in an odd video that showed her and her lesbian partner, the family appeared to have unraveled a discovery that resulted in something not good.

In some parts of the video put up on social media, the woman was shown kissing her partner affectionately while the two were in bed. But the twist came in the latter part of the video when the lesbian’s father and family got involved.

After revealing her sexuality, the father could be heard talking (in Igbo) and trying to strangle her. The dad questioned why the woman was practicing lesbianism and appeared apparently against it.

Aside from the livid father, other family members did not take the discovery as well. Some reportedly even beat the lesbian with a whip.

In Nigeria, all forms of homosexual activities are prohibited. A punishment of up to 14 years may be meted on individuals found to be violating the said law.

Although the brutal beating of the lesbian seems confined to the family, it remains to be seen what happens next. Based on the comments made by some people who watched the video, some sided with the parents while others feel that the reaction of the family was a bit overboard.

Also in Nigeria, there was the case of a father who discovered that his two children were engaged in sexual activities. But rather than reprimand them, the father and his wife agreed to inform their children that they were fully aware of what they were doing.

The dad added that the two children were also using birth control, yet another odd way to handle this incest-like case.

Lesbian couple
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