A woman was reportedly arrested by security forces in Tripoli for poisoning her former boyfriend for breaking up with her.

The identities of the man and the woman were not divulged as of press time.

According to authorities, the woman made contact with her former boyfriend on social media. She posed as a doctor using a face account and pretended to be a professional doctor.

The woman was aware that the man was suffering from colon disease per reports.

Through chats, she managed to get close to the man. At some point, she even offered to help him out by sending some medicine. This was allegedly meant to help relieve him of his suffering and the suffering ex-boyfriend apparently agreed.

But unknown to the man, the woman sent a certain kind of syrup that was mixed with insecticide. The man apparently consumed and was not aware of it, consumed the insecticide-filled medicine and died.

When authorities arrested her, the woman admitted that she had intentionally poisoned her ex-lover for breaking up with her.

There was no mention of the potential sanctions that the woman is facing.

This comes not long after a mother attempted to take her life after poisoning her one-year-old daughter because she did not want to live in her husband’s village.

In a previous post, it was reported that Leela Nayak, consumed poison on Oct. 4 before feeding it to her young daughter.

Family members managed to rush Nayak and the child to a hospital. The mother is recovering but the toddler died as a result of the poisoning during treatment.

The incident has forced the father, Rajnikant, to file a complaint against his wife. Nayak was booked for murder. She will be arrested after her discharge from the hospital.

This is a representational image of poison bottle. Pixabay

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