A woman in Chicago has been charged with first-degree murder on Friday after she reportedly killed her young daughter with a plastic bag while taking both PCP and bleach because she believed her daughter did not love her anymore.

Andreal R. Hagler, a 38-year-old woman who lived in an apartment in North Winthrop Avenue, was found with the body of her 8-year-old daughter Amaria Osby. Hagler was discovered in their apartment with Osby after Hagler’s brother went to their flat to check on them after they didn’t respond to his calls, according to Law&Crime.

Hagler was found by the police to be lying on their bed, face down, a plastic bag draped over their head. Osby’s legs, meanwhile, were sticking out of the comforter, and they found her dead in her underwear with blood in her nose and thigh, as well as forth in her mouth, CBS News reported.

The cops then found out that Hagler was still alive. Hagler resisted the police when they attempted to get her off the mattress, refusing to speak to the police until the ambulance arrived. After that, she allegedly confessed to murdering her daughter.

Hagler, who did PCP and drank bleach after her prayers with her daughter, reportedly smothered her in the face with a plastic bag because she did not believe that her child loved her anymore. Prosecutors say that she died from asphyxiation, as well as multiple assault injuries in her scalp and brain.

Hagler and his spouse were previously reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for abuse, but Family Services spokesman Bill McCaffrey specified that there was no previous abuse against the child that was reported.

“This family previously participated in intact family services from a substance abuse-related incident in 2017. The recent visit was the result of an allegation of domestic violence and was the first contact with the family since closing the prior case in 2018,” McCaffrey said.

Hagler was denied bond. Many in the community have continued to mourn Osby’s death publicly, reminiscing about some of the things that the child did for them.

“She was an angel. Always smiled and said, ‘Hello, hi Dave,’” neighbor Dave Dolinski said. “I mean, I held her when she was months old. We did barbecues together. Just a great girl.”

Daughter Choked To Death by Mother
A woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing her two minor children and attempting to commit suicide in order to make her in-laws suffer in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea. This is a representational image. DANNY G/Unsplash.

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