A mother whose gut-punch led to the death of her two-year-old child pleaded guilty to felony child abuse.

Victoria Toth, 26, and her partner, 27-year-old Johnathan Pursglove, were both charged with aggravated manslaughter in Toth's son's fatal beating, 2-year-old Jayce Martin. The boy died from a stomach injury, which went unnoticed for days.

Authorities arrested both Toth and Pursglove after officials said that neither sought medical treatment for Jayce despite his deteriorating health.

In a hearing at the Orange County Courthouse, jurors committed to the reduced negligence charge in return for Toth's plea. She faces up to 15 years in court for the second-degree crime.

Circuit Judge Mark S. Blechman approved the bid and said he would arrange Toth's sentencing at a later time. Marc Consalo, Toth's counsel, refused to comment on the plea bargain.

On July 18, 2018, police say that Toth called 911 after finding Jayce unresponsive at their home on Bethune Drive. She told the dispatchers that her son was vomiting up and was "dehydrating."

First responders, per The Orlando Sentinel, said the malnourished toddler had cuts surrounded by vomit and bile. 

Medical examiners concluded that the boy had sustained an attack similar to a "sucker punch" that caused his intestines to rupture and lead to a fatal infection. It was also revealed that Jayce might have been spared if a doctor had seen him.

The mother told law enforcement that her partner took care of her son when she was at work. But when she returned home on July 15th, she found the young man appeared lethargic and unusually exhausted.

When Toth found him lying face down in a pool of vomit at about 6:30 a.m. on July 18, Jayce was severely sick for three days, forcing her to call 911.

As rescue crews arrived at the house in Washington Shores and found him dead, Pursglove was doing CPR on Jayce.

Investigators have said they suspect Toth has been watching her child fall into a coma for days because she was 'afraid of getting into trouble.'

Judge Mark Blechman approved Toth's plea deal and she will be convicted at a later date. Pursglove also has a history of domestic violence. His plea hearing, The Orlando Sentinel says, is set for March 3.

People.com reported that Toth saw Jayce's ghost in 2019 and comforted her when she was behind bars. She has been released since then.

It was also revealed that, although they were told not to, Toth and Pursglove had remained in touch.

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