A group of friends in Ecuador held an unusual tribute to their dead friend on Sunday, Dec. 5, after they decided to take out his corpse from the coffin it was laying in and give him one last ride on a motorcycle.

Erick Cedeno, a 21-year-old man from Portoviejo, Ecuador, was killed the weekend beforehand after he was shot by two unknown gunmen on his way to a funeral of a loved one. As a final gesture of friendship, Cedeno was given a strange send-off by his friends when they put his corpse on a motorcycle as he rode off one last time, The Daily Express reported.

With permission from his parents, a group of his friends took out his corpse from the wooden coffin that it was placed in and slowly carried him to a waiting motorcycle for a final celebration of his life, according to the New York Post.

Cedeno was shown to have been put in between two of his friends, sitting front and back of him in order to keep his body from falling off the motorcycle. The motorcycle then drove off to the road as a crowd of his friends and onlookers cheered on to this display of friendship and solidarity.

Not everyone was a fan of this strange tribute, however. Police officers in Ecuador have slammed the stunt as “an aberrant and unhealthy activity” and criticized the morbid method that they staged the motorcycle ride.

They have not arrested anyone for the incident, however, due to the fact that no complaints have been submitted to their office.

It is not clear as of press time if the event is being investigated, or if Cedeno’s death is being investigated by police officers and if the gunmen who shot Cedeno have been identified or arrested.

A group of friends from Ecuador did a bizarre tribute to their pal after they took out his corpse from his coffin on Sunday in order to let it ride around in a motorcycle. This is a representational image. Harley-Davidson/Unsplash.

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