A man in Glasgow has admitted to murdering his disabled pal in his apartment on Friday, Nov. 26, as the court cases regarding the death of the victim continue with the trial of his alleged accomplice.

Patryk Jasinski, a 31-year-old man, pleaded guilty through his lawyer Mark Stewart to the murder of 33-year-old Tomasz Lipiec in his apartment in Townhead in Glasgow, according to the BBC.

Lipiec, who requires a wheelchair to move due to missing his right leg, reportedly went home to his apartment with Jasinski and 51-year-old Jason McInally on Sept. 5, 2020. However, due to a previous feud, Lipiec did not want McInally in his home anymore. The two quickly began arguing before Jasinski started strangling Lipiec in frustration, before stabbing the victim with a knife multiple times, Glasgow Live reported.

The next day, Jasinski told his friend Sean Morris about the murder, before showing him the body of Lipiec as it lay on the floor of his living room with a plastic bag wrapped around his head.

“He told him that he had battered a guy, who he had told to stay down, but he did not. He then demonstrated to Sean Morris how he had done a chokehold around the person's neck. Jasinski also admitted stabbing Tomasz and demonstrated a stabbing motion,” prosecutor Greg Farrell said.

Jasinski was arrested days after police officers forced entry into the apartment of Lipiec and found his body with three stab wounds in the heart. Jason McInally was also arrested and charged with murder, but he had entered a “not guilty” plea into the system.

“This is a tragedy for Tomasz Lipiec and his family. You have visited upon them a life sentence of grief and loss. At least two of the wounds inflicted were unsurvivable,” High Court judge Lord Mulholland said. “When you plunge a knife into someone, it is an absolute lottery if that person will sustain life-threatening injuries or not.”

Jasinski is due to be sentenced next month.

Patryk Jasinski from Glasgow has admitted to murdering disabled man Tomasz Lipiec in his own apartment in September 2020, as his friend Jason McInally also faces trial for the murder of Lipiec. This is a representational image. Craig McKay/Unsplash.

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