A 30-year-old Russian dancer was gunned down recently by a masked assassin, footage of which was captured. Police are calling it a contract killing although it has yet to be established as to who may be behind it all.

Identified as Natalia Pronina from Moscow, the 30-year-old was shot in the chest twice by a masked suspect as she was entering her apartment near the Akademicheskaya train station, East2West (via the New York Post) reported.

Pronina has won numerous international dance competitions, including one in the UK. She was returning from a choreography session before the incident.

Video footage of the whole incident was captured in obtained video footage by The Daily Mail. The assailant was wearing a hoodie and glasses, approaching the 30-year-old from behind. The suspect reportedly deployed a “non-lethal self-defense gun that was redesigned to fire real bullets for the hit.”

Pronina was still rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery after the shooting. She died two hours later.

Despite the video footage, investigators have yet to get any significant leads on the shooter. But according to her friends, the 30-year-old has no known enemies.

"She had no enemies, I can say with absolute certainty," her friend Valeria said to Komsomolskaya Pravda. "Only one of her admirers could be behind this because of jealousy."

Another colleague claimed that Natalia dances beautifully and is a real beauty. Men adored her and suggest that is possible that one of her rejected fans killed her.

Aside from admires or fans, another theory suggested is a reported affair with a wealthy politician. The said parliament member’s wife found out about the relationship and Pronina had received death threats from the wife.

Natalia’s boyfriend, Alexander Kravchenko, denied any involvement in the murder. He explained that he was working in Yalta in the Crimea at the time, the Sun reported.

However, the 33-year-old said that Natalia was being stalked and dealt with an $8,000 debt that needed to be repaid.

Gun Crime Photo illustration of a crime. Alexas Fotos/ Pixabay