A husband previously accused of murder allegedly killed his wife before proceeding to stuff her remains into a polythene bag and hiding the body in a plastic drum at their home at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India.

The heinous murder came to light in after the family of the victim, identified only as Saroja, alerted the police and lodged a complaint after receiving no response from their daughter and their son-in-law, R Anil Kumar, about the woman's whereabouts. After a subsequent search of the victim’s house, the authorities discovered the victim's mutilated and decomposed remains inside a plastic drum, the New Indian Express reported.

The accused, R Anil Kumar, who owned a flower business, had previously been accused of murdering his first wife in 2020, with the case still under trial. Saroja, a salesperson at a garment store, was reportedly unaware of the accused’s criminal background when she fell in love with the suspect six months ago and married him. After getting married to Kumar, Saroja left her job, stopped working, and was confined to her home.

According to Saroja’s family members, Kumar was suspicious by nature and used to lock Saroja inside their home while leaving for work. He also allegedly harassed her physically and mentally. After complaining of several instances of physical torture, Saroja’s parents took her to their home.

However, after living separately for a while, a month ago, Kumar went to Saroja’s house and assured her parents that he'd take good care of his wife. Following this, she returned home with Kumar. However, Kumar’s phone was switched off for the past several days when Saroja’s father tried to reach the couple. Even though her family tried calling them repeatedly, there was no response.

Following this, Saroja’s family members came to the city and lodged a complaint. Based on the complaint, the police conducted a search at the couple’s house on Monday, June 6. Law enforcement subsequently found a sealed drum, in which they discovered Saroja’s body stuffed in a polythene bag, Deccan Herald reported.

Investigating officers believe the woman died after being hit in the head with a blunt metal object. However, they noted that her exact cause of the death will be known after an autopsy.

Similarly, two years ago, in 2020, Kumar, who was allegedly excessively possessive of his first wife, reportedly murdered his former spouse by bashing her in the head with a beer bottle.

A husband previously accused of murder allegedly killed his wife before proceeding to stuff her remains into a polythene bag and hiding the body in a plastic drum at their home at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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