The MWC 2020 (Mobile World Congress) has been canceled less than two weeks ahead of its scheduled run from February 24-27 because of the rising health concerns with the rapid spread of the coronavirus. 

The event was canceled by the GSM Association (GSMA), the company that organizes it after companies including Sony, LG, and HMD Global, canceled their participation in the show. Also, new devices from manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and many more, which were expected to launch at the event will now have to find another way as the MWC organizers have concluded that will be "impossible" to hold the show after recent events.

“With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has canceled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event,” said GSMA CEO, John Hoffman. 

"The Host City Parties respect and understand this decision. The GSMA and the Host City Parties will continue to be working in unison and supporting each other for MWC Barcelona 2021 and future editions. Our sympathies at this time are with those affected in China, and all around the world,” he added. Till now, there have been 45,171 confirmed cases of the virus around the world. 

Are there any chances of MWA 2020 being rescheduled?

The chances of MWA 2020 being rescheduled are pretty slim, considering what John Hoffman said. 

"The GSMA has been a victim of circumstances out of its control and it’s a huge disappointment the show will not go ahead this year,” said Ben Wood, a mobile analyst from CCS Insight consultancy. “The impact on small companies who have invested a disproportionate amount of their budgets and time on this event should not be under-estimated. MWC is an anchor event for many and now they face the challenge of having to figure out the best way to salvage something from this difficult situation.”

What will the companies do who had been looking forward to MWA 2020 to launch their products?

They will surely find alternative ways to launch their products like Sony will be going ahead with the launch of a new phone via a YouTube video. The other manufacturers will ultimately make plans to launch their devices too. 

shutterstock_22047894Three girls chatting with their smartphones at the park7 Three girls chatting with their smartphones at the park. Josep Suria from Shutterstock