“My Hero Academia” Chapter 253 will likely be a surprise for most fans. In the upcoming manga installment, one of the series’ most prideful and toughest characters will finally change for the better as he hopes to gain back the trust and love of his family.

In the previous chapter, Endeavor already expressed his intention to change and try to be a good dad and husband for his family. “Natsuo, it’s fine if you don’t believe me but I never meant to neglect you kids for all these years,” Endeavor tried to apologize to his son.

However, Natsuo isn’t ready on forgiving his father just yet. He then reminded his father that after all of the things he did to his family, he can’t just expect to be forgiven just because he said so.

But Endeavor was not surprised at Natsuo’s outburst at all. It was as if he expected his son to not forgive him so easily. Rather he told his son that even if Natsuo can’t forgive him at the moment, he will do what’s needed to atone for what he did in the past.

The chapter did not really reveal what Endeavor plans to do for his atonement. Thankfully, that’s not stopping fans of the manga series from making their own calculated guesses as well.

For instance, there are speculations that Endeavor might opt to live alone apart from his family. This was already hinted at in the previous chapter when the Pro Hero told his children that he already purchased another property as a new home for them and their mom.

Econotimes even described the upcoming chapter as incredible and beautiful. The publication wrote that “My Hero Academia” Chapter 253 will show how a “formerly heartless man is turning into a softie as he starts realizing he has been a big pain for his wife and children - for years.”

One of Chapter 252’s biggest unanswered questions is whether or not Natsuo will be able to forgive his father. Spoiler Guy wrote that despite what his father did in the past, Natsuo will eventually learn to forgive his father based on the publication’s unnamed sources. The article also mentioned that there will likely be a 4-month time skip in the next chapter.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 256 release date is slated on December 8, 2019. Be sure to stay tuned to Latin Times for more updates on this manga series.

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