Nacho Cano arrested for allegedly hire undocumented immigrants in musical

Spanish National Police detained Nacho Cano, a renowned music producer and former member of the iconic Spanish band Mecano. The arrest was made on Tuesday following allegations that Cano employed undocumented immigrants in his current musical production.

The arrest was related to the hirings he had made for his musical play "Malinche," which tells the love story between Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés and the Mexican slave. Cano has been having trouble with the neighbors who live near the theatre where the play is being shown since September 15, 2022. Local journalists are exploring the possibility that they alerted the police about the allegedly illegal hirings.

However, Cano has been the center of a media storm regarding the play even before the premiere of "Malinche."

What happened with Nacho Cano?

According to police sources, Cano was taken into custody but released with charges after giving a statement at Madrid's Centro police station. He is now awaiting a judicial summons.

The neighbors have been at war with him since before the premiere of the musical "Malinche." The first offense was Cano's plans to erect a structure around 30 meters high, similar to that of Chichen Itza in the area. They managed to stop his plans after presenting 20,000 firms from neighbors opposing it.

Then, they started complaining about the noise and the parking.

This new controversy and arrest come just three years after Cano was honored with the Gran Cruz del 2 de Mayo by the Community of Madrid, an award presented by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the region's president.

Nacho Cano's play

However, this is not the first scandal the Spanish artist sparked regarding his play. While promoting it before its premiere, Nacho Cano gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in which he left incendiary headlines like these: "If we had not discovered America, Hitler would have won World War II," "Thanks to Christopher Columbus or Hernán Cortés of history, we now have the iPhone" or "Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and El Salvador should be grateful because if it had been the English, they would not have left a single one alive," in reference to the arrival in America.

"Malinche" tells the complex story of Hernán Cortés and La Malinche, focusing on their historical and mystical connection. Cano had invested over a decade in developing this production, showcasing his dedication to retelling history with a nuanced perspective.

Cano has highlighted the overlooked aspects of Moctezuma's story, emphasizing the spiritual and cosmic shifts during that era. He described Moctezuma as a wise spiritual leader who foresaw a transformation in the universal energies, transitioning from the God of war to the God of love. Cano's vision aimed to present these historical events with the depth and significance he felt were missing in traditional narratives.

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