Nanno is back on May 7 to expose fraudsters and cheats in school. Netflix announced that the popular Thai drama, "Girl From Nowhere" will be back for a second season with eight episodes inspired by true events.

It looks like the second installment of the hit TV series will be bloodier and more menacing than the first season. Season two is more likely to show teenage pregnancies, horrific school policies, and self-harm in social media among many others.

According to Netflix: Nanno is back, doling karmic retribution to more students and faculty in a new season of this anthology series — and this time, she’s not alone. In the trailer, it looks like Nanno will meet another ‘vigilante,’ as another mystery girl joins in her footsteps.

Watch the first trailer here. Re-imagined from 8 news stories in Thai Society, in this season, Nanno is back with a new boyfriend, new friend, and new lessons that will satisfy anyone who’s been a victim, the description says.

In the second trailer, the audience sees the clip where somebody says, “So, now you can die?’ This prompts a lot of questions from fans, hoping that Nanno won’t lose her immortality and still live on to deliver punishment for the victims.

Kitty Chicha Amatayakul will reprise her role as Nanno, where she will be joined by guest stars: Teeradon Supapunpinyo, Penpak Sirikul, Patricia Good, Chanya McClory, Bhumibhat Thavornsiri, Pataravarian Timkul, Chutima Teepanart, Phantira Pipityakorn, Ploy Sornarin, and Yarinda Bunaag.

“I’m grateful for all the support I’ve been receiving since the show landed on Netflix. It’s been a pleasure to present this unique series to fans around the world. Thank you again for bringing Nanno back to life. I won’t let you down!” Amatayakul said in a press statement.

Development of the second season of "Girl From Nowhere" started in August 2020, with filming taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.

The mystery-thriller show aired in 2018 and explores Nanno, a transfer student who settles at a new school determined to reveal the scandals on school. This ranges from bullying cases to administrative corruption and dire secrets among students.

Girl from Nowhere Nanno is back on May 7 to expose fraudsters and cheats in school. Girl from Nowhere Netflix Thai